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Completed Quests:
Initiation / Getting Drunk
Treasure Hunt (notes)
School of Hard Knocks (level 7)
Rock Soc Pub Crawl
Getting Knighted
Befriending the Guards
Becoming a Baron
Becoming an Earl
Becoming a Duke (notes)
The Duel
The Gauntlet
The Caverns/Bomb Squad
Learning to Swim
Initiation / First Aid
Becoming a Doctor
On Call (off call)
Water Skin
Snark Hunt
Killing the Undead Dragon
Initiation / Visiting 4 Cities
Creature Survey
Time and Space
Standing Stones (notes)
Fortune Tellers (notes)
Thor in a Cottage
North Pole (76E 190N)
Magic Egg Hunt
Ghost Hunter's Guild
Herman the Hermit
Merchants Guild
Talisman Maker
Tarot Deck
Animal Sanctuary (Glow Worm)
Smelly Williams
South-West Tunnels
North-West Tunnels
Alignment: Air
Star Sign: Salamander
Maximum Hit Points: 325
Base to-hit chance: 100%
Maximum Action Points: 486
Total AP Spent: 35724
Total Distance Travelled: 7789
Experience Points: 533406
Movement Modifier: -4
Damage Multiplier: 5
Number of Times Died: 1
Dragons Killed: 52
HP Healed: 4008


Feel free to make me an offer on anything in my inventory.

I keep a journal of sorts about my time here, complete with lots of lists.

I got some handy ideas for my user page from Hamelin, JohnnyRogers, and Sertularian. The colors...

Future Quests

  • Martial Arts Training at the Dojo
  • Thieves Den
  • North-East Tunnels
  • Pop Idol
  • Royal Engineer
  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Pandora's Socks
  • The Cities Photo Challenge
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