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(Fetch Me ... Something Shiny)
(Fetch Me ... Something Shiny)
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:Apparently I look like a waitress?
:Apparently I look like a waitress?
* <s>For lunch today I fancy... a Cucumber.</s>
* <s>For lunch today I fancy... a Cucumber.</s>
* For lunch today I fancy... a Fortune Cookie.
* <s>For lunch today I fancy... a Fortune Cookie.</s>
* For lunch today I fancy... a Jar of Grape Jam.
'''The Fraudulent Ninja Wannabe'''
'''The Fraudulent Ninja Wannabe'''

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  • Hang out in the Thieves' Forest.
    • Introduce the ninja to my Snark.
    • Fetch various tasteful treats for the Master Thief. Do I get tips for this?
    • Do something with that sorry excuse for a martial arts master. I bet I know more karate than he does...
  • Grow a beanstalk; kill the Giant.
  • Find another Wizard's Hat.
  • Make a Fishing_Net.
  • Head to space.
    • Farm asteroids for power crystals.
    • Pick up a phaser or two, for emergencies.
  • Build a speedboat and a caravel.
  • Help folks.
  • Finish every quest ever.
  • Make up my own pseudo-quests.


Hard Knocking

Gotta kill 'em all! ... some other time, perhaps.

Level Gold Stings Scales Feathers Rocks Status
Now plenty! 2 2 72 1 At 7. Next stop 12.
8 4000/4000 2/8 2/16 16/16 1/8 Preliminary Patience
9 4500/4500 0/9 0/18 18/18 0/9 Roc Jazz for Harmonica and Flute
10 5000/5000 0/10 0/20 20/20 0/10 Crocodile Anatomy
11 5500/5500 0/11 0/22 18/22 0/11 Trading for Triffid Stings
12 6000/6000 0/12 0/24 0/24 0/12 Phoenix Care and Feeding
Total 25000 50 100 100 50 This might take a while.

Fetch Me ... Something Shiny

The Master Thief

Apparently I look like a waitress?
  • For lunch today I fancy... a Cucumber.
  • For lunch today I fancy... a Fortune Cookie.
  • For lunch today I fancy... a Jar of Grape Jam.

The Fraudulent Ninja Wannabe

  • Merz Bow
  • Short Sword
  • Bow
  • Elf Arrow
  • Walking Stick
  • Sacrificial Dagger
  • Sacrificial Sword
  • Reznor Blade
  • Sacrificial Sword
  • Sacrificial Dagger
Master Ralph teaches you a new move.
You gain a Brunch Punch.
  • Merz Bow

Potionmaking for Fun and To-Hit

Potions of accuracy were made for Air players. Five levels worth will give me +15% to hit.

  • Looks like I need to camp out at the Festival...
  • Seaweed is available at Jon's Kraken Shack for 2000 gp / 4 pieces. The amount I need would be 16,000 gold and 8 AP to buy.
Level Basket of Plums Seaweed Fags AleFlying Fish
1 1/1 0/2 0/5 1/1 0/1
2 2/2 0/4 0/10 2/2 0/2
3 3/3 0/6 0/15 3/3 0/3
4 0/4 0/8 0/20 4/4 0/4
5 0/5 0/10 0/25 5/5 0/5
Total 6/15 0/30 0/75 15/15 0/15
AP Cost 175 8  ?? -- 300


31 July 2006: Asgard complete; hello, August monster kill list bonus. Also finished up the Pub Crawl; easy once transportation is acquired. Loading errors confirmed as a situational problem on my end. (May need to reinstall Firefox and/or Java development kit?)

24 July 2006: Magic Egg hunt done. Loading errors remain very annoying.

  • For posterity: 41E 135N, 49E 140N, 60E 163N, 65E 144N, 80E 179N, 81E 170N, 93E 157N, 95E 184N
Kirk smiles as you hand him the Magic Eggs.
You lose 8 Magic Eggs.
He thanks you, and wanders off happily with the eggs in his hands, muttering to himself about self-tying fishing nets, or something 
You wait for a bit, but he doesn't seem to be coming back. Eventually, you decide to take his horn for all your effort. You step 
quietly out of the building.
You gain a Cornucopia.

19 July 2006: Perhaps this is what is needed for the Pop Idol quest? At any rate, hoorah for Great Lord Yendor!

Great Lord Yendor's image appears looking rather unkempt.
"Thanks for playing so well at my Club! It was an exciting evening, wasn't it? As you're interested in our folk music I'd like to 
teach you a lively folk rock tune from across the Southern Ocean. There's a bit of magic in it, so I thought it safer to wait until 
the other Great Lords stopped messing around with the fabric of the universe before I taught it to anyone."
You pick it up easily and even try playing in a few different keys.
While he plays you help yourself to a few of his special biscuits.
You gain 5 Magic Cookies.
Argh! Need more Winged Boots. Airship Plans would be nice too / instead of. Perhaps it's getting towards time to work on that next phase of Hard Knocks...

15 July 2006: Just noticed I've got the most Mist kills and am getting the AP bonus for it. Quite nice. Also, completed the Ghost Hunter quest. Off to get de-poisoned.

13 July 2006: Made my Warrior's Totem. Also poisoned (level 5), which isn't so bad. I'm going to finish off my ghost hunting and then trek down to Brighthelm to get it taken off, because I'm cheap.

11 July 2006: Apparently I am more in touch with my roots. I just feel more snowballed; sitting around the cities is apparently making a big fat target of myself. How depressing.

7 July 2006: After some mining, I have all the Gold and Silver I need for Asgard, and am now halfway to Bognor along the Great Northern Road.

Snowshoes wore out 15 steps away from Bognor. What a rip-off. Guess I'm trekking it on my own....

5 July 2006: Second Treeman slain with Copper Nails, which disappear with every attack; still, losing 5 for a bunch of Ancient Wood seems like a fair trade to me. Off to the Frozen North, with a possible stop in the Fire Swamp.

2 July 2006: Purging Earth City of ghosts, mists, and all that goes "Oogely-boogely!" in the night.

30 June 2006: I have *got* to go mining, and soon. Two full heals for one stinking Treeman! Worth it, though. Heading south to see the Chief Thief, with a few stops along the way at convenient Crags...

Note to self: make some grenades. Might be handy for leveling up Daemonic Weapons on 1k+/10k+ hp critters. (100 damage per grenade vs. aligned enemy?)
You attack the Treeman.
You cause 5 points of damage, and receive 75 experience.
You slay the Treeman.
You gain a Badge.
You gain a Copy of Friday.
You gain 23 Gold Pieces.
You gain 15 Pieces of Ancient Wood.

28 June 2006: Found my fortune; I am indeed a Salamander. Now wandering through the Thieves Forest with my Snark.

19 June 2006: Good times in the desert! Wish you were here, postcard-style (and do bring a medkit, my HP keep leaking away).

You slay the Fire Dragon.
You gain a Dragon Blood.
You gain an Air Sword.
You gain 148 Gold Pieces.
You gain 3 Short Strings.
You gain a Water Knife.
You gain an Earth Wand.

13 June 2006: Nice nice. I made it through the Caverns with the total loss of 1 Max AP to a Small Air Demon someone switched to Fire back in the Kingdom. Ironic, eh?

09 June 06: Ow. Resting up at the Hospital in Water City. Looking forward to the Caverns. Plenty of Air and Water Wands handy.

07 June 06: I'm here at the School, and it looks like I'll have to stay for at least two more days to finish my training. They certainly take their time whilst beating the stuffing out of me!

06 June 06: First three levels of the Merchant's Guild complete. Headed south through the desert to the School of Hard Knocks.

04 June 06: And done. You have no idea how glad I am that that's over with. Estimate two days spent between Earth City and the Southern Market on various chores; afterwards, heading due south.

03 June 06: Got impatient. Used up my stock of Serenity. Farmed a Phoenix, which cost me a Water Sword and two Water Knives, not to mention the trips to the healer. Very close now.

You attack the Pheonix (gen. 15).
You cause 15 points of damage, and receive 225 experience.
You slay the Pheonix (gen. 15).
You gain a Daemonic Letter Opener.
You gain 42 Units of Charcoal.
You gain 11927 Gold Pieces.
You gain 91 Phoenix Feathers.

02 June 06: Found Smelly Williams' parents at Earth City and the Festival. Currently in the Southwest Tunnels heading towards the Ancient Altar. Meanwhile, welcome to my life:

You attack the Crocodile.
You cause 30 points of damage, and receive 300 experience.
You slay the Crocodile.
You gain 4 Gold Pieces.

01 June 06: Sold all of my Magic Powder and bought a Midas Wand. Still kicking around the Interior. Killed my first Undead Dragon.

25 May 06: Snakes on a Plain! Haha. Brilliant.

23 May 06: That's three Golden Guns I've found today, and one yesterday. Guess that makes up for the Triffid carrying a whole 24 Gold Pieces and a Calendar...

20 May 06: In the Interior again, killing things.

17 May 06: Animal Sanctuary complete. Working on the Talisman Maker.

 You lose a Saltpetre.
 Your baby burbles happily.
 Great Lord Harvey appears before you.
 'Ta for the babysitting - hope he wasn't too much hassle.'
 He takes the baby, and grants you entry to his farmland along with a nifty new wand.
 'See you around! Oh, and please don't kill my animals. I really don't like that.'
 Great Lord Harvey vanishes in a puff of nifty smoke.
 You lose a Baby GlowWorm.
 You gain a Wand of Convincing Illusion.
 Now using Fists.

14 May 06: Hat is gone, yay! Finished off the Hermit quest, then headed south and started Harvey's Farm. I ended up with a Glow Worm, thank goodness.

12 May 06: In the Interior. Nicked a hat from Mikej. It's for his own good, really. He's been sitting on that mountain for months. Feeling strangely antisocial ... Almost done with the Hermit quest. Just need to check and see if the markets have the rest of what I need.

08 May 06: Out of patriotic love for our nation's forests, as well as the valuable resources they provide, I've committed myself to the League_of_the_Lifted_Lorax. Also, I think I need a sickle. I'm glad I have a sickle.

07 May 06: Practicing my harmonica in the library probably shouldn't feel this good. Also, I think I'm going to make me some White Russians. Mmmm.

06 May 06: Sertularian gifted me with a Dragon Stone and lent me a Dull Sickle. Time for some foraging in the interior.

05 May 06: It's a good day for plums. I don't want to flood the market, but *wow*. Think I'm going to go check out that Fire City graveyard and see what's happening there.

04 May 2006: Left Kansas with newfound appreciation for just how many AP I get a day. Headed to the Western Market; picked up proceeds from the plums. Planted some beans in search of more cash; grew a beanstalk. Gave in to fate. That's right. I'm going off to slay me a Giant.

Never mind. Pigs scary.

02 May 2006: In Kansas. For future reference, it would be faster to grow lots of plums and grapes, sell them, and buy the damn wand. Hey, though, now I can say I've been to Kansas.

01 May 2006: In Kansas. Produce is selling well. Guess I ought to have grown more for the markets. Will remedy that when I arrive back from Teh Flat & Booooring.

29 April 2006: Tarot done. Kansas next. Foraging takes a lot of AP. Luckily, I have a Piece of Ancient Wood and enough gold to buy bits to make myself a Golden Sickle. (Go Team Plums!) Must find and bribe willing Earth player to do the first 50 AP of crafting.

27 April 2006: Summary of today so far: *teleport* *teleport* *teleport* Whee! *teleport* Undead dragon! Eeep! *run* ... yep, that's about it.

Herman has a good life cut out for himself here. Plenty of fresh air, a nice house out in the wilderness, there's ducks... I could live like this. Except, with baths.
21 Heinlein novels read, 11 left. Getting there!
According to Loog's map, the swamp nearest to Windy City would be in the interior, two squares just inside and east of my favorite dragon pass. I need to grow some plums and grapes before I head out, though. Looks like this weekend will be grow-and-crafting time. Good. I like making stuff.

26 April 2006: Done!

25 April 2006: Two left. I missed VIII somehow. It's 5W-1N of the trading post near VII. XIII is 1W-6N of XIV.

23 April 2006: Six Standing Stones to go. Theoretically, two more days, but probably three, as I've been taking time out to slaughter triffids and crocodiles with bows, and that eats AP. (Less than getting hurt, though!)

21 April 2006: Nine Standing Stones, seven tarot cards, and eleven Heinlein novels to go. It's like the Twelve Days of Cities all over again!

20 April 2006: Stopped by the Eastern Market, put some produce and a Daemonic Knife up for sale, and stocked up on talismans. Off to finish the Standing Stones next. (See Citiesberg for all your pricing needs.)

I hereby pledge to watch the "Help! I died!" space, and to be ready and willing to help fellow adventurers in need, whether by summoning them, rescuing them, and/or providing a useful bit of my loot to help get them back on their feet. So help me Bob, Celane 19:47, 20 April 2006 (BST).

19 April 2006: I think I may have overprepared for the Gauntlet just a little. Either way, it's done now.

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