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Just call me Tzia. I am engaged to the wonderful Doc Sy.


Completed Quests

Earth Quests

  • Initiated
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Hard Knocks completed through level 5

Fire Quests

  • Knighted
  • Initiated
  • Befriended Guards
  • Won a duel
  • Been titled: Baron, Earl, and Duke
  • The Gauntlet

Water Quests

  • All Completed

Air Quests

  • Initiation
  • Creature Survey
  • Time and Space
  • Standing Stones
  • Fortune Tellers - born under the sign of the Toad

Other Quests

  • Herman completed
  • Killed the Giant

Quests in Progress

Hard Knocks

Level Stings Scales Feathers Rocks Gold
6 6/6 4/12 12/12 4/6 3000/3000
7 5/7 0/14 14/14 0/7 3500/3500
8 0/8 0/16 16/16 0/8 4000/4000
9 0/9 0/18 18/18 0/9 4500/4500
10 0/10 0/20 20/20 0/10 5000/5000
Need 29 59 +199 36 0

Sci-fi Reading

Color Key

I've read it I own it, but haven't read it yet I need it! Do you have it?

The Robert Heinlein Collection (needed for the Talisman Maker)

Between Planets Beyond This Horizon The Cat Who Walks Through Walls Citizen of the Galaxy
The Door into Summer Double Star Farnham's Freehold Farmer in the Sky
Friday Glory Road Have Space Suit - Will Travel I Will Fear No Evil
Job: A Comedy of Justice Methuselah's Children The Moon is a Harsh Mistress The Number of the Beast
Podkayne of Mars The Puppet Masters Red Planet Rocket Ship Galileo
The Rolling Stones Sixth Column Space Cadet The Star Beast
Starman Jones Starship Troopers Stranger in a Strange Land Time Enough for Love
Time for the Stars Tunnel in the Sky To Sail Beyond the Sunset Variable Star
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