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=== Other Places ===
=== Other Places ===
*Tim in the graveyard
*'Kings Palace
*'Kings Palace
*The Final Frontier
*The Final Frontier
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*Village of Tokyo 4
*Village of Tokyo 4
*'''Forbidden City'''
*'''Forbidden City'''
*The Sacred Land of Valhalla \o/
*The Sacred Land of Valhalla \o/
== Fortune Teller ==
== Fortune Teller ==

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Cities Open Mic Night. e.bstan 17:00, 3 April 2006 (BST)

Great Lord Yendor's image appears looking a little worse for wear.
"Thanks for playing so well at my Club! As you're so interested in our cultural roots, 
I'll teach you the song my grey-haired grandmother used to sing to help me sleep. It's the oldest song I know." 
While he plays you help yourself to a few of his special biscuits.
You gain 5 Magic Cookies.

\o/ e.bstan 08:34, 2 April 2006 (BST)

The God Heimdall appears before you, and says:
'Well done, little human. You have vanquished the Fenris Wolf, but this is only one battle among many fought here.'
'You are welcome to join our battle company. When you die, you will come to Valhalla. If you wish to return here before 
your glorious death in battle, blow upon my Horn again.'

Daemonic Chain Saw? hmm... e.bstan 16:43, 27 March 2006 (BST)

You attack the The Gnapster (1 Cannon).
You cause 10 points of damage, and receive 150 experience.
The sword slurps up the life blood...
You lose a Daemonic Great Sword.
You gain a Daemonic Chain Saw.
You slay the The Gnapster (1 Cannon).
You gain 45 Cannon Balls.
You gain a Pirate Hat.
You gain a Treasure Chest.
Now using Fists.

Damn bird! :) e.bstan 18:03, 25 March 2006 (GMT)

You attack the Pheonix (gen. 50).
You cause 500 points of damage, and receive 25000 experience.
You lose a Glass Sword.
Your glass sword shatters!
You slay the Pheonix (gen. 50).
You gain 207 Drogna.
You gain 147 Units of Charcoal.
You gain 98 Arrows.
You gain a Sword of Omens.
You gain 127400 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Wand of Anger.
You gain 1176 Phoenix Feathers.
Now using Fists.

e.bstan's birthday celebration at the Park Bench - 23 March 2006

image:pressie.jpg (thanks to Burp!)

One in a million.


Quest Completed

Earth Quests

  • Initiation / Getting Drunk
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Rock Soc Pub Crawl
  • School of Hard Knocks (Currently Level 16)

Fire Quests

  • Getting Knighted
  • Initiation
  • Befriending the Guards
  • The Duel
  • Becoming a Baron
  • Becoming an Earl
  • Becoming a Duke
  • The Gauntlet
  • Tree of Life (The Caverns)
  • Bomb Squad

Water Quests

  • Learning to Swim'
  • Initiation / First Aid
  • Snark Hunt
  • Becoming a Doctor
  • Killing the Undead Dragon
  • On Call
  • Water Skin

Air Quests

  • Initiation / Visiting 4 Cities
  • Time and Space
  • Creature Survey
  • Standing Stones
  • Fortune Tellers
    • (I was born under the sign of The Angel!)

Side Quests

Mainland Quests

  • Tarot Deck
  • Merchants Guild
  • Malaria
  • Talisman Maker and Heinlein Books
  • Herman the Hermit

Thief Quests

  • Thieves Den
  • Martial Arts Training at the Dojo

Southern Quests

  • Pandora's Socks
  • Ghost Hunter Guild

Northern Quests

  • Valhalla (Hall of the slain)
    • Magic Eggs hunt
    • The North Pole
    • Thor in a Cottage

Underground Quests

  • Smelly Pete
  • Harvey Farm (Animal Sanctuary) - Baby Bear
  • The Catacomb
  • South-West Ancient Altar
  • North-West Ancient Altar



  • Eigh-Bay Island.
  • The Isle of Fright.
  • Ninja Island.
  • Monster Island (technically a peninsula).
  • Bombadier Island
  • Holiday Island.
  • The Isle of the Gorgan.
  • The Cursed Island.
  • Cigar Island.
  • Ignatz's Retreat.


  • Fire City.
  • Water City.
  • Windy City.
  • Earth City.
  • Festival
  • town of Bentnob.
  • city of Brighthelm.
  • city of Bögnør.

Other Places

  • Tim in the graveyard
  • 'Kings Palace
  • The Final Frontier
  • Betty Fnord Clinic
  • Limbo
  • Jons Kraken Shack
  • The Arena
  • Kansas
  • Cloud land "Jack and the Beanstalk"
  • Barbelith
  • The Labyrinth
  • The Icy Northland
  • Village of Tokyo 4
  • Forbidden City
  • The Sacred Land of Valhalla \o/

Fortune Teller

Fortune for sign of the Angel -

  • Monday 16th January 2006 to Sunday 22nd January 2006.
You might discover a really good source of AP at the begining of the week.
Your luck with items in the market could not be great.
  • Monday 23rd January 2006 to Sunday 29th January 2006.
Avoid Water this week. There may be a surprise relating to your gold pieces this week.
  • Monday 30th January 2006 to Sunday 5th February 2006.
There could be a surprise relating to your GP. The convergence of Water may be positive for you.
  • Monday 6th February 2006 to Sunday 12th February 2006.
Your luck with items in the market may not be good in the middle of the week, but there may be a 
surprise relating to your GP. This week you are pretty compatable with Neutral.
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