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Alignment Air
Base To-Hit 70
Accuracy Potions None


Quests Done

Air Initiation
Earth Initiation
Getting Knighted
Fire Initiation
Time & Space
Learning to Swim
Water Initiation
Becoming a Doctor
Creature Survey

Quests in Progress

Standing Stones

As always, times are my local time, which is one hour ahead of game time. (Stole the items needed from Thog/Durkon).

I 02:00-02:59 Legolas Cocktail
II 03:00-03:59 Gollum Cocktail
III 04:00-04:59 Gandalf Cocktail
IV 05:00-05:59 Frodo Cocktail
V 06:00-06:59 Bilbo Cocktail
VI 07:00-07:59 D12
VII 08:00-08:59 D10
VIII 09:00-09:59 D8
IX 10:00-10:59 D4
X 11:00-11:59 D6
XI 12:00-12:59 Cucumber
XII 13:00-13:59 Sun Flower
XIII 14:00-14:59 Bunch of Grapes
XIV 15:00-15:59 Sheaf of Wheat
XV 16:00-16:59 Eel
XVI 17:00-17:59 Lion Fish
XVII 18:00-18:59 Flying Fish
XVIII 19:00-19:59 Cod
XIX 20:00-20:59 Earth Stone
XX 21:00-21:59 Fire Stone
XXI 22:00-22:59 Water Stone
XXII 23:00-23:59 Air Stone
XXIII 00:00-00:59 Fire Talisman
XXIV 01:00-01:59 Water Talisman

Quests in Planning

Animal Sanctuary 
Baby Hippy... need more Fags :P
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