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The Journal of Calm Breeze

Elsewaday, 19 Vendémiaire

Today I set out from my home on a great pilgrimage. My teacher has tasked me with visiting each of the four great cities that form the 'Kingdom. This is a momentous occasion for me as I am finally old enough to venture out on my own. I look forward to seeing the many sights that I have been told about. I long to learn more about our world, but through my own experience rather than the second-hand knowledge I have been taught. The time is at last upon me. I am a man and I go to seek my fate.

Malcolm, 21 Vendémiaire

It is so late at night that it is now early in the morning, and my feet hurt. I have visited all four cities, marching around the entire 'Kingdom, and I am so very tired now. I saw many interesting things though: creatures that I have read about, and various folk. I was too shy to talk to the latter, especially considering how many were lofty Dukes. I am much too low of station to possibly approach such nobility.

When I reached Fire City, I took my teacher's advice and broke the talisman he gave me to return home. I felt a twinge of sadness at having to break something that he had given me, but he was right (of course): I was caught up in a gust of wind and appeared back in the Shrine. It is good to be home. I walked up to the Temple and having completed the pilgrimage, they admitted me into the Brotherhood of the Wind! This is so exciting! But although I'm feeling energised, I really need to rest now. I will talk with the other Brothers in the morning and share my experiences.

Harveday, 22 Vendémiaire

Brother Alselmus at the Temple mentioned that a lot of hunting goes on in the 'Kingdom, and that many nobles enjoy the challenge of killing other creatures. This seems a horrific barbarity to me, and I volunteered to help in any way I could. Brother Alselmus told me of a survey that I could complete that the Brotherhood use to track population sizes. It will take me some time, but I agreed to do my part for the good of the ecology.

Many of nature's denizens are territorial though, and I knew that if I were to run around in the wilderness, likely I would be attacked by a wild beast. Naturally it would probably be more scared of me than I of it, but I wouldn't wish to court such antogonism. I decided to wander down the (now familiar) road to Earth City and stop by the market. As luck would have it, I found something very useful: a clock that purports to hide me from view. Such an arcane device would be ideal for my purposes (if it works; it was very cheap, so I have my doubts). Whilst there I picked up a few bargains that I just couldn't resist, so to avoid any further temptation I quickly left.

Now to travel into the wilderness to see what I can find. But in which direction to head? Some time ago I read about some Shrines. This would be the perfect excuse for me to visit them, I think. The Shrine of Light is the closest to me I believe, so I will endeavour to head in that direction. I have great hopes for this journey. It feels like I am about to start an adventure!

Ignaday, 24 Vendémiaire

The survey progresses well. In the two days it has taken me to trek to the Shrine of Light, I have already had the pleasure of studying more than half of the creatures on my list. Looking through what is required of me though, I wonder if this survey may get progressively more difficult to complete though; whilst I have seen many of the more common beaties, I haven't even heard of some of these outlandish beings.

Regardless, I will struggle on. I am finding it very time-consuming to work my way across the wilderness. This clock is working marvellously, although I can't help but wince every hour when the cuckoo merrily hoots the time. Thus far I have not been attacked though; the cuckoo sounds natural enough to blend into the general sounds of the plains and forests.

I have now also worshipped at the Shrine of Light. It seemed the appropriate thing to do in such a holy place, and my heart is at peace for doing so. I am sure that it would serve me well to visit the other shrines too, so I am heading in their direction.

Ruthveday, 30 Vendémiaire

As I suspected, the progress on the survey has slowed down. I am beginning to think that I will have to venture into the more dangerous interior of the 'Kingdom in order to find some of the more elusive creatures on my list. Before I do that though, I should travel to the Festival where I have read that I might find both stoners and hippies. As I understand it, these are gentle creatures interested in peace and love. It will make a change from the fairly violent nature of most of the denizens of the wilderness. At least I have had no trouble from the sparrows or eagles, or the sylphs now that I think about it.

There would be an additional reason to visit the Festival, for that is where the Stone Circle is found. I have now visited the other three shrines. The Nightfall Shrine did intimidate me rather, and I waited to see how others faired there before worshipping myself, but the Night Shrine was rather beautiful. I wonder if the Stone Circle will truly encompass the mystery and splendour of the rising sun. I look forward to seeing for myself in a few days' time. It will be a long trek and I have high expectations. I only hope that they will be met.

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