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Note to self:

Note to others: I am reversing the order of days in this journal. It's slightly counterintuitive, yes, but it cuts WAY down on the amount of scrolling needed to make and preview updates.


My Journal

Following the User Pages of some people who added some comments to my main page, I discovered that you can apparently create your own pages underneath yourself, as a fellow named Sertularian has apparently done. This wiki stuff is pretty damn cool.

Well, let me start at the beginning, since if I started in the middle we'd all probably be very confused.

And if anybody wants to add comments to this page to enlighten me (or anyone else who reads it), feel free.

Testing: Stevie-O 02:51, 27 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Wow, typing ~~~~ is a lot easier than typing out [[User:Stevie-O|Stevie-O]] and mentally converting EST to GMT...


You lose a Daemonic Letter Opener.
Ancient forces increase your strength. (+5 max AP)
You have connected all 24 totems! You've earned 30 seconds apdelay. Go you!


Oh, also, the following have happened since I last made an entry:

  • Seb's was nerfed. Sold most of my supply of Vorpal Blades on the markets and made nearly 500,000 gold.
  • That's about it.


Your offering is consumed in violet light.
You lose a Bilbo Cocktail.
You are feel the stones power making you healthier (+5 max AP)
You have now made an offering at the entire network of standing stones. The combined power reduces your AP regen. time by one, and you can now move freely between the stones.

Stevie-O 03:05, 13 June 2006 (BST)


Well, I finished my last Heinlein Book today; then Lady Caroline's book bag vanished from the trading bug. I'd really like to get my hands on some of the source code for this game.

My experience is now 755,555. Stevie-O 04:55, 23 May 2006 (BST)


Since Blaise is coming back soon, I should collect together the ingredients for my 15 Potions of Accuracy.

  • 15 Empty Vials (have 15) [F]
  • 15 Mugs of Ale (have 73) [E]
  • 15 Baskets of Crushed Plums
    • 15 Baskets of Plums (have 15) [A]
  • 30 Seaweed Fronds (have 32) [E]
  • 75 Fags (have 100) [E]
  • 15 Flying Fish (have 15) [A]

Stevie-O 00:19, 13 May 2006 (BST)


After offering some assistance to e.b, I was kindly summoned to Bentnob and given some Bling and a few Glass Swords. While I was still there, I wandered around a bit, looking for fun things to kill. I happened to spot *two* Bling Wraiths standing on adjacent squares. I realigned one and used a Glass Sword against it...

You slay the Bling Wraith.
You gain a Ghastly Bling.

Then I dispatched the next one:

You slay the Bling Wraith.
You gain a The One Bling.

Freaking Awesome. Plus, it won't be long before BlaisedeC is back and can assemble my potions of accuracy :)

Stevie-O 02:48, 12 May 2006 (BST)


You are hot.
You dig.
You find a magic apple!
You place it on the ground and wait.
After a while a Glow Worm wonders into view. It ignores you totally and eats some of the apple. A noise startles you and you look behind you. When you look back both apple and creature have gone.
Thinking back, you remember your mother telling you that you were born under the sign of the Glow Worm!
You lose a Magic Compass.
Now using Fists.


Althought I think that was only 20 pips, not 24... but still! W00T! My max AP is 297. My first Standing Stone oughta put me up past 300.

Stevie-O 04:24, 7 May 2006 (BST)


Wow, it's been a long while since I recorded anything in here; I guess I just got bored of recording everything I ever did into here. However, something funny happened to me today, so here are some updates:

  • I have completed my necessary amount of medical procedures and have been awarded a Water Skin. It's monogrammed and everything!
  • I have joined a team, the Jester Valley Alliance. Team:JVA
  • I am almost 3/4 of the way done with the Fortune Teller's quest. 17 pips down, 7 to go!
    • A funny thing happened to me today -- my 17th pip was actually under an oasis!

That's it for now... 13:39, 4 May 2006 (BST)


I started this morning at the Shrine of Earth with about 60AP. I headed down towards the Great Desert to kill me some Tars.

The first Living Tar I run into consumed seven wands before I realigned him. (He also ate the one that realigned him, for a total of 8.) That's right -- ten consecutive attacks with an Air Wand missed. I only had 5 wands. After the first 5 ran out, I had to port to Water City, walk down to the Eastern Market, pick up the gold they owed me, and buy 5 more wands. Then I ported back to Earth City and again walked my way down to the Tar.

Did I mention that my brand new Repeating Bow broke after the first attack? 161 arrows and a weapon that can shoot 10 in a row, and I get out 1 arrow before it breaks.

So that's 60AP + 2500 gold spent... for THIS.

What was going on...
You attack the Living Tar.
You cause 15 points of damage, and receive 150 experience.
You slay the Living Tar.
You gain a Tar.
You gain a Wand of Anger.

One Tar.

Jesus fscking christ.


You kneel before the 'king. 
'Greetings Earl Stevie-O MD' says the 'king.
The 'king takes 5 cucumber sandwiches.
You lose 5 Cucumber Sandwiches.
The 'king tells you, with his mouth full, that he's decided to make you a Duke.
You gain 1000 Gold Pieces.
You feel like you've been good.
Now using Fists.

WOOOO Thanks Celane and BlaisedeC!


I got tired of fscking around with all these monsters and pulled out my stack of Earth Wands.

You lose 500 Gold Pieces.
You lose a Triffid Sting.
You lose 2 Crocodile Scales.
You lose 2 Phoenix Feathers.
You lose a Roc Rock.
You feel a little proud.
You get trained. It largely involves being hit repeatedly over the head with bits of wood. When you wake up you do feel a bit tougher.


  • I am in the middle of the Great Desert.
  • I have 3AP remaining and 23HP.
  • I have a Dolly-Parton-sized pair of n0rx blocking my way.
  • I have two sips worth of Dragon's Blood.
You are bit hot.
You lose a Dragon Blood.
You feel demotivated.

Oh, no! I lost two AP. What a crying shame. Oh, well, one left...

You are bit hot.
You lose a Dragon Blood.
You feel motivated.
Now using Fists.



I was biding my time and it worked! I woke up this morning, logged in, and lo-and-behold: RIGHT NEXT TO ME was the Snark!

You attack the Snark.
You lose a Sack (for Snarks).
You gain a Snark in a Sack.
Well done, you have caught a snark!
You feel a little proud.
The Snark misses you.
Now using Fists.

The Snark in a Sack is only base (5 -30%). I have quite a few weapons that can nearly match that; I may as well let the bugger go.

Also, I've managed to collect a few more Roc Rocks and Crocodile Scales. I really need to become a Duke; that extra damage multiplier would really give me the edge I need to take the Rocs and Crocs down without suffering massive hp loss.


What was going on...
You perform some healing on idkaname.
You've healed a total of 1440 hit points so far.

Slowly getting there. I'm thinking about trying to tackle a Vampire or a Ghost to drain my XP; Eagles seem to be leaving me alone now, which sucks, because that's going to make it very hard to attack them.


I killed my first Crocodile, expecting to get one of the legendary Crocodile Scales needed for the Hard Knocks quests.

You attack the Crocodile.
You cause 22 points of damage, and receive 220 experience.
You slay the Crocodile.
You gain a Calendar.
You gain 4 Arrows.
You gain 9 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Sharp Sword.

How disappointing. Plus, now I'm stuck in a swamp in dangerous territory, and I only have 11HP left.

You slay the Crocodile.
You gain 4 Arrows.
You gain 65 Gold Pieces.l
You gain a Cruel Bade.
You gain 4 Spikey Ninja Throwing Stars.
You gain a Crocodile Scale.

There! That's better :) Stevie-O 05:01, 4 March 2006 (GMT)


You attack the Thunder Bird.
You cause 30 points of damage, and receive 60 experience.
You slay the Thunder Bird.
You gain 2 Mugs of Coffee.
You gain a Water Stone.
You gain a Short Bow.
You gain 345 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Piece of Red Chalk.
You gain a Card: The Hermit.
You gain 5 Feathers.
You gain a Golden Gun.
You gain an Earth Stone.

A Golden Gun. Freaking Awesome.


Third dose of Dragon's Blood:

You lose a Dragon Blood.
You feel stronger.

Giving met he HP boost I need to start taking on the damn Fire Dragon in my way.


I am starting The Gauntlet. Wish me luck.


This evening, I have successfully petitioned King Elseware to produce an awesome new weapon: The Pokey Stick. Deals 2 base damage, +10% to-hit, as well as angering the creature you hit with it. Now, Elseware says they've got a 50% breaking chance, however, so they won't last long. But perfect for, say, Earth players who need some Triffid Strings :)

Stevie-O 00:40, 27 February 2006 (GMT)


Second use of Dragon Blood:

You lose a Dragon Blood.
You feel stimulated.

Back to full health and +100AP. Freaking awesome.

You attack the Pheonix (gen. 8).
You cause 32 points of damage, and receive 256 experience.
You slay the Pheonix (gen. 8).
You gain a Long Bow.
You gain 21 Units of Charcoal.
You gain a Sword of Omens.
You gain 3524 Gold Pieces.
You gain 21 Phoenix Feathers.

Of course, I'm down to 25hp now. The fscking bird took forever to go from 7 to 8!

As you break the Kings Crest Talisman you are engulfed in a vortex.
You lose a Kings Crest Talisman.
'You really shouldn't be using those, you know...' says the 'King.

Hmm, I wonder why not. Anyway! I have defeated 11 dragons now.

You kneel before the 'king. 
'Greetings Baron Stevie-O MD' says the 'King.
11 dragons killed? That's great!
The 'king makes you a viscount.
You gain 1000 Gold Pieces.
You feel like you've been good.
  • Damage Multiplier: 4
  • Earth Sword (16 80%)
    • That's 64 damage against Air-aligned creatures! Those Dragons are really gonna get it now!
    • I think that now is the time to try the Snark Hunt!


First use of Dragon Blood:

You lose a Dragon Blood.
You feel stronger.
Now using Fists.


It's been a while since I did anything significant, so here we go:

After carefully whacking at it, repeatedly, I got this from what started as a gen1 Phoenix:

You attack the Pheonix (gen. 6).
You cause 28 points of damage, and receive 168 experience.
You slay the Pheonix (gen. 6).
You gain a Bull Whip.  <- one that it stole from me. How does a bird grab things?
You gain 15 Units of Charcoal. <- YAY! I can use that for the treasure 
You gain a Card: The World.
You gain 2024 Gold Pieces.
You gain 10 Phoenix Feathers. <- Enough for the first two Hard Knock levels. Now I just need all that other crap.


You attack the GNU.
You cause 6 points of damage, and receive 6 experience.
Your Light Sabre (6 80%) has worn out.
You lose a Light Sabre.
The GNU causes 1 points of damage.
Now using Fists.

I used it TWICE. Can't I just put new batteries in??? Stevie-O 15:21, 17 February 2006 (GMT)


Wow, you actually did it! The Air Priests train you in swifter ways to move.
You lose a Creature List.
You feel like you've been good.
Now using Fists.

At Long Last! Stevie-O 15:29, 16 February 2006 (GMT)

Good fscking god, I just looked -- 150 AP just to sign up for the Standing Stones quest? I understand the idea of it taking all day, but good lord... I mean, for christ's sake, I just spent 50AP to hand in a piece of paper. That's a 30 hours of AP in two clicks. That's not really Fun.

I think I'll start that quest a little later. Maybe over the weekend. After all, I've still got plenty of Air Talismans.

You kneel before the 'king. 
'Greetings Sir Stevie-O MD' says the 'King.
I hear you killed a dragon; good for you!
The 'king decides to make you a baron.
You gain 1000 Gold Pieces.
You feel a little proud.

Stevie-O 18:05, 16 February 2006 (GMT)


Autoworship mode turned OFF.
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!
You feel the noon-day sun soak into your blood!
The Guardian of the Shrine gives you a gift...
You gain a Light Sabre.
As you worship at the final Time Shrine you feel in tune with time and space.

Yeah! Time and Space quest FINISHED!

I killed a dragon today! I whacked a Small Water Dragon with an Air Wand and then wailed on it with a Glowing Dusk Tusk (12 damage per attack adds up fairly quickly!). Now I gotta visit the King and become a Duke, or Baron, or Earl, or whatever. Duke, I think. Baron is 10 dragons and Earl is sandwiches (ha ha).

Today I began the Knights of Pinata Summoning. I am presently the only member. Our main page is at Pinata Summon.


I'm sitting here at the Nightfall Shrine, waiting for my chance to worship.

I have a prior engagement tonight that will prevent me from being there to worship at the Night Shrine at midnight GMT (7pm local time). I'm fiddling with Greasemonkey; with a little bit of luck, I will have a script for it that will allow me to automatically worship the Night Shrine at the proper time. I'm going to use my experience at the Nightfall Shrine as a reference point. Wish me luck!

Stevie-O 19:42, 13 February 2006 (GMT)

Autoworship mode turned OFF. All hail the American night! What was that? I don't know Sounds like guns ...thunder.

 -- Jim Morrison

You feel like a Night Person!

Sweet! It looks like it worked! But no weapon... did I do something wrong?

Stevie-O 02:38, 14 February 2006 (GMT)


WOAH. After worshipping at the Stone Circle, I have same intrinsic that wielding a Sun Stone provides!


My Earth Knife broke today. And it took me so long to find a good deal at one of the Markets :( :( :( All of my Rusty Swords broke, too. It's not a good day.

I made it to the Stone Circle; along the way I checked off Hippie, Stoner, and Leprechaun. Only two creatures left on my list:

  • Small Papier-Mâché Golem
  • Piñata

I wonder where to find those.

According to my Pocket Watch, it's 11:30pm in the world. It will be 4AM in 4h30m, or 11pm my time. I need to remember to stop back then and worhip at the Stone Circle.

19E 22N (Night Shrine) at midnight

Hrm... I don't think I have enough AP to get to the Night Shrine within half an hour. It's probably not worth the risk... I don't know yet how many AP I will need in order to do the worship.


I took one step east and found a paper golem! NOW I ONLY NEED A PIÑATA!

Stevie-O 00:15, 12 February 2006 (GMT)

A few hours and 10AP (plus some collateral AP) later, I hold a Glowing Dawn Horn! Wow! 7 Damage! Sweet! With my 2x damage bonus to Air creatures, it's even better than my Earth Knife was! Stevie-O 04:03, 12 February 2006 (GMT)


Slaying a lot of Eagles and Thunderbirds that are spawning around crags. Those guys sure sometimes have a lot of stuff!

I've succeeded in wearing my HP down to about 12. Ouch. I drank an Exotic Cocktail. It's -30% to-hit, *but*, it was also +15HP in one AP. Sweet.

Checked off Ants. Now I only have 7 creatures left to find:

  • Leprechaun
  • Hippie
  • Piñata
  • Knights who say Ni
  • Small Papier-Mâché Golem
  • Small Scissor Beast
  • Stoner
  • Vampire

I'm pretty sure I know where to find a Hippie and a Stoner (at the Festival), but the other 5 still elude me. Damn.

Stevie-O 16:31, 10 February 2006 (GMT)

God damnit, why can't these lists be in ALPHABETICAL ORDER? Apparently I failed to notice "Vampire" in the middle of my list.

Anyway, I did succeed in locating some Knights who say Ni (who I whacked a few times, then decided I had better things to do with my AP) and a Small Scissor Beast (which was easily dispatched with my handy Stone).

My character appears to be in an inconsistent state. I was repeatedly told that I was "nearly drunk", then "tipsy", as I moved -- yet all of my to-hits were at their normal (sober) level. I wonder what could have caused that?

Stevie-O 22:44, 10 February 2006 (GMT)

Found a Vampire this evening. Only 5 things left to find and tick off!

I just killed an Eagle. I would swear it must have killed somebody else, except I found it at full health:

You gain a Card: The Lovers.
You gain an Air Wand.
You gain a Summon Stone.
You gain a Water Talisman.
You gain 4 Magic Beans.
You gain 353 Gold Pieces.
You gain 10 Feathers.
You gain a Set of Water Wings.
You gain a Fire Talisman.
You gain an Arrow.

My first Card! I wonder what to do with it. And an Air Wand -- Perhaps I'll use it on my first Dragon. Dealing 12hp damage per hit would make dispatching it much easier.

Stevie-O 02:47, 11 February 2006 (GMT)

Holy crap, I'm on a roll tonight!

You slay the Thunder Bird.
You gain a Bull Whip.
You gain a Brave Star.
You gain a Fire Talisman.
You gain a Card: The Empress.
You gain a Water Talisman.
You gain 192 Gold Pieces.
You gain 5 Feathers.

Stevie-O 03:11, 11 February 2006 (GMT)

Holy crap, I just saw the King at the Hospital!

'king Elseware (23422/90)

23,422 HP out of 90 max... heh.

Stevie-O 03:27, 11 February 2006 (GMT)


Out of ideas on how to proceed, I decided to look for a Dragon. Who knows, I might survive an encounter with an Air Dragon... Anyway, along the way, before I ran out of AP, I found and ticked off some more creatures on my list! Here are all that remain (Atrocious spelling and other mistakes corrected):

  • Ants
  • Bees
  • Leprechaun
  • Hippie
    • I hear I might find one of these fellows at the Festival.
  • Llama
  • Piñata
  • Fire Fox
  • Knights who say Ni
  • Small Rock Troll
    • I saw one of these by the King's Road.
  • Small Papier-Mâché Golem
  • Small Scissor Beast
  • Stoner
    • I hear I might find one of these fellows at the Festival.

So I know where to find three of these creatures; if only I could locate the other nine... moving around off-road is REALLY costly ap-wise...

Update: I just spotted a Fire Fox. Only 11 left to go...

Another update, later in the evening: Checked off Llama and Small Rock Troll. Now only 9 left to go.

Incidentally, I am absolutely LOVING my Earth Knife -- 12 damage on each successful hit against all the Eagles and Thunderbirds laying around. Incidentally, after killing an Eagle and two Thunderbirds, a lot more monsters aren't fighting me anymore. I'm going to have to get a Cruel Blade in order to keep my kill counts up. I don't see one at the markets, though... damn. Anyway, either killing a dragon or winning a duel would be awesome -- 24 damage per hit, I could all but kill an Eagle in 2 hits...

Yet another update. 8 creatures left.


Not much I can do today. Last night's Earth initation left me severely drained of both HP and AP. I've read that alcoholic drinks can help heal you, but it seems that if you get WAY drunk, you have a major HP crash. Or maybe that's just the Earth Initiation. I don't know.

Anyway, I wandered back to Earth City, and waited a while, and no Taxis showed up, so I broke my Fire Talisman in order to get to Fire City. After drinking myself down to a -148% to-hit modifier (the bastards! A sparkling bottle and two bottles of wine brought me to -118%, two shy of the minimum for Earth Initiation!) I am now down to a mere -62% to-hit now. It seems that both walking around and the passage of time counter my drunkenness.

After buying a replacement Fire Talisman, I now stand at Hot Lava Java holding a scant 302 gold pieces. Blah. I can only afford a single mug of coffee to counter my drunkenness, and yet I have 15 empty coffee mugs, which I calculate to be worth 375 gold if cashed in. But I can only cash in one at a time, which means I would be spending half my remaining AP *just* to offload the coffee :( I left an entry on the Suggestions page about allowing bulk returns of mugs.

Stevie-O 22:18, 8 Feb 2006 (GMT)


Took a taxi to Earth City, walked westward to the Southern Market, acquired an Earth Knife for a small fortune (1450 gold).

Walked back, picked up 2 bottles of wine from the tavern. My alcohol list is as follows:

  • 1 Bottle of Sparkling Wine => Unknown to-hit drop
  • 3 Exotic Cocktails @ -30% each => -90% to-hit
  • 2 Bottles of Wine @ -35% each => -70% to-hit

Total: -160% to-hit.

Hopefully, these will get me drunk enough to finally complete my initiation into Earth at the Crystal Cave (once my APs are again high enough to walk there -- good lord, simply moving around in this game takes eternity!). That'll be +50 maxhp, for a total of 155.

Once that's out of the way, I will get myself un-drunk, then head back to Fire City and register as a duelist. Then I will seek out, and find, an Air-aligned duelist. After that, I expect to learn that there's some unwritten rule that the alignment bonuses don't apply to duels, and then I'll be really pissed off.

Stevie-O 21:34, 7 Feb 2006 (GMT)

You are bladdered.
Welcome to the Crystal Cave. You celebrate with the other new initiates. Next morning you feel like crap but somehow you feel like your pain has made you stronger. 
Your maximum Hit-Points has increased by 50. Go you!
As a citizen of Earth City this is the time you are taught the crafts of Earth. These include crushing, mining, churning and shaping.

Now I get to twiddle my thumbs until the morning. Yay.

Stevie-O 23:17, 7 Feb 2006 (GMT)


Ticked off 'Glow Worm'. Strange... I'm seeing several new types of creature after having gained much XP from Sir Tim. I'd expect that from something like Nethack, but a multiplayer game? Strange rules are afoot...

If you have a palantir of any kind, take a look at it:
The 'King has been doing some market research and it appears at 
this time that there is no call for a Fire Fly in our range of 
monsters. From this point we are dropping fire flies. We appreciate 
that some people have supported the fire fly monster, but we are 
confident that you will enjoy our new line-up of monsters this spring.

Darksatanic 17:32, 6 Feb 2006 (GMT)

Actually, I got a message referring to a palantir, but I glanced through my inventory and nothing stood out. Anyway, I was referring to suddenly seeing things like Angels and Glow Worms, creatures I'd never encountered before (but are nonetheless present on my Creature List). Stevie-O 18:52, 6 Feb 2006 (GMT)
If you have either a Palantir-as-you-go, or a Contract Palantir, you will be able to receive messages from other players and the developers by selecting the palantir in your inventory. Your stored messages will be shown . Angels have been in the game for yonks (that's European yonks, not the slightly shorter American yonk). Glow Worms are simply the new replacement for Fireflies. There should be piles of them around the place by tomorrow. Darksatanic 19:04, 6 Feb 2006 (GMT)

Anyway, after enough whacks at Sir Tim with a Rusty Sword, I am up to 2510 XP. Breaking an Air Talisman (I have four in all), I shall go visit the King and be knighted! Yay!

The site seems to be experiencing issues.

Yes, we've got some network issues site-wide at the moment. Please bear with us while they're being fixed. Darksatanic 17:32, 6 Feb 2006 (GMT)
Hey, if there's anything this game teaches, it's patience!

Stevie-O 17:10, 6 Feb 2006 (GMT)

You kneel before the 'king. 
'Greetings Stevie-O MD' says the 'King.
Yeah, I guess you're worthy.
The 'king makes you a knight. Arise Sir Stevie-O MD. The 'King explains that all knights are known as 'sir' regardless of gender. 
The 'king also awards you 1000 gold. neat!
The 'king gives you a cool sword.
You gain 1000 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Sword of Omens.

Yay! I hope the stupid Sword of Omens doesn't break on me too quickly.

2618 AP spent to-date
660 distance traveled
2580 XP
3144 GP

Stevie-O 18:52, 6 Feb 2006 (GMT)

You inhale the sacred smoke. Welcome to the Brotherhood of Fire
You gain a Box of Matches.
You are taught the basics of the crafts of Fire. These include smelting, melting and baking.

God, things here take so much freaking AP to do.

8 hours and 17 minutes and 26 seconds until AP above zero.

BUT! Base to-hit chance: 65%! I WILL BE ABLE TO HIT THINGS NOW! YES!

Now I need to see about pressuring the conversion of the to-hit listing in the Items pages from an absolute percentage (say, '30% to-hit' or '65% to-hit') to a relative percentage ('-10% to-hit' or '+25% to-hit'). I hate it when people list absolute values which are actually relative to a stat that can be changed.

Wow, busy day.

You have some training in fire crafts, but you're rubbish.

Rubbish? Is that because I'm Earth-aligned?

Stevie-O 02:50, 7 Feb 2006 (GMT)

Yes. Darksatanic 09:53, 7 Feb 2006 (GMT)


What was going on...
Congratulations. You are now a qualified doctor.
You may now heal people rather than just first aid.
The doctors use a strange potion on your eyes, after the burning stops you blink and realise your eyesight has improved.
You are given some welcome gifts by the other doctors...
You gain 10 Clean Bandages.
You gain 3 Mugs of Coffee. yay... that's about 5 whole AP!
You gain a Pocket Watch.
You gain a Bottle of Sparkling Wine.

Stevie-O 17:20, 5 Feb 2006 (GMT)


Tried some Coffee this morning. Bought 5 mugs. Caffeine tolerance builds up WAY too fast; what a waste of 800 gold. I wonder if the tolerance wears off naturally; I have a bad feeling that this game is not quite that realistic.

Stopped at the Eastern Market and netted two new Night Sticks at 390GP apiece.

Did some healing, although the number of people needing it is very small.

2307 AP spent to-date
586 distance
1805 XP
1942 GP :(
538 HP healed to-date. Only 60AP more to heal, then 50AP to become a Doctor.

I could go on-call then hang out by Sir Tim... that might be helpful...

Stevie-O 18:54, 4 Feb 2006 (GMT)


573 HP healed so far

Tomorrow morning, when I get up, I should have enough AP to become a Doctor!

I took a look at the scores page. I'm averaging 33.7 HP/day. Of 20 pages of people, I'm on the second page. I've healed more points per day than any non-doctor except Acidxplode, and that's only because he hasn't bothered to become a doctor yet (despite a total of nearly 2400 HP healing other users). Behind me, Baron frizzi is close, at 30.7/day, and Earl Razina is 27.9/day. Every other non-doctor is less than 25/day.

I'm also in the list as spending an average of about 138AP/day, which is very close to the 144/day limit I can naturally achieve at 10min/AP. Since I have an average of 34HP/day healing, and it costs 1AP to heal 1HP, that works out to very nearly 1/4th of my character's life being spent healing other players.

I'm going to go to bed now. In eight hours' time, I should have plenty of AP :)

Stevie-O 05:06, 5 Feb 2006 (GMT)


Burned through a pile of AP real quick to do some healing.

2086 AP spent to-date
515 Distance Traveled
3503 GP (spent some gold to do a full heal at a healer, Sir Tim hits real hard)
403 HP healed to date (only 197 to go! That's 200AP, 33 hours' worth. With any luck, I'll be a doctor

by Monday.)

Stevie-O 17:58, 3 Feb 2006 (GMT)

You perform some first-aid on hull_fox. You've healed a total of 453 hit points so far.

Only 147 to go... I'm so close, I can almost TASTE it! Stevie-O 02:59, 4 Feb 2006 (GMT)


Did some more healing, did some wandering around. I need someone to heal *me* after my fun with Sir Tim, though :( Evidently, I killed something too -- I'm up 4GP.

1912 AP spent to-date
470 Distance Traveled
3550 GP
1638 XP (Thanks, Sir Tim!) Only 862 XP to go! That's about 22 more successful hits against Sir Tim, and I can head to the Royal Palace and be Knighted. Double my damage multiplier, and the opportunity to initiate into Fire. Awesome.
318 HP healed to date (only 282 to go -- more than halfway there!)

Stevie-O 18:58, 2 Feb 2006 (GMT)

Happy Birthday To The King!

That was some very nice cake. +5 max AP, +5 max HP, and a decent AP bonus as well.

Unfortunately, the niceness was countered by:

  1. Sir Tim moving from his previous position! I WAS SO CLOSE TO BEING KNIGHTWORTHY!
  2. My hard-sought Glowing Night Stick breaking, when I'm miles away from a market to buy a new one

Stevie-O 01:19, 3 Feb 2006 (GMT)

Sir Tim only moves when he's killed. However, you'll find him again somewhere on or near the road between Fire City and Water City. Darksatanic 08:46, 3 Feb 2006 (GMT)

Ah, cool. I guess I'll concentrate my efforts on getting my PhD in medicine from FU (First-aid U, aka the Hospital) in Water City; then I'll work my way westward towards Fire City in search of Sir Tim, which will be easier thanks to the awesome vision that FU graduates receive.


Burned through over 70AP this morning just walking and healing. Geez.

1758 AP spent to-date
441 Distance Traveled
3445 GP as before
1060 XP, which will hopefully go up very soon when I find Sir Tim -- 4 damage * 10 => 40xp per-hit!
238 HP healed to date (only 362 to go!)

That's only 2.5 more days worth of AP, which won't count time I spend doing otherwise useful things, such as attacking monsters and moving around =/

Later... Did some more healing. Also took a few whacks at Sir Tim with my beatiful glowing Night Stick.

1816 AP spent to-date
451 Distance Traveled
3546 GP
1387 XP
273 HP healed to date (only 327 to go!)

Stevie-O 03:15, 2 Feb 2006 (GMT)


Crap! I let myself get back to 100AP again. I REALLY need to increase my max AP, as well as my to-hit chance, which burns through AP like you wouldn't believe :(

Taught another Swim Class right away. It's like free gold!

1446 AP consumed to date
89 HP healed to date (only 511 to go!)

Later that evening...

I consumed a can of Red Bull (found on the corpse of some creature I've slain) in order to get some stuff done. I'm sure I'll pay for it later. Most of it initially went to applying bandages to heal self. Man, I do NOT get enough AP per day =/

Anyway, at 8:30pm (1:31am game time), my Night Stick was finally glowing - 4 damage, 65% to-hit. More than double the to-hit of my Broad Sword. Almost every one of my attacks hit. It was so freaking awesome!

1663 AP spent to-date
416 Distance Traveled
3445 GP
168 HP healed to date (only 432 to go!)

Stevie-O 01:54, 1 Feb 2006 (GMT)


Damn, I didn't check back soon enough last night, and I hit my max AP (100) :( There goes a wasted period of time :(

Just taught 4 more swim classes. Not sure how many classes that is in total, but i'm back up to 2464 gold! A couple more classes will have me at 3k gold. I might just do this for the next week, in order to fill up my wallet so I can afford a nice weapon....

1209 AP consumed to date

Actually, doing the math indicates that I've done 8 classes ( (1209 - 969) / 30 ). But two more classes will put me at 2864 gold; I started with 2483 gold after selling stuff off, however? Where did the extra 381 gold come from? Hmmm.... oh well!


Taught 3 more swim classes


914 AP consumed to date

First thing this morning (which is actually mid-to-late afternoon GMT) I walked out of the Learner's Pool over to the Temple of Water and initiated myself into Water... yay! I now know First Aid, and can start healing other people... at least, I can as soon as my AP's above zero again :( Moving through water is pretty costly AP-wise. I might hang around the Swimming School for a while, in order to teach lessons for gold, depending on how much gold it actually gets me. Given my crappy assortment of weapons, it's probably got a higher GP/AP ratio than trying to attack monsters, with no messy HP drain!

I saw a comment somewhere by Elseware that "double the AP == double the server load". I wonder what kind of load the system experiences presently? I'm a software developer IRL, and I work with databases, and I'd love an opportunity to experiment with the system's design.

Now, 969 consumed to date

Hrm, for 30AP I can get 200 gold! At 10 minutes per AP, 300AP will take 50 hours (just over two days) to regenerate. It's the weekend, so I think that I'll teach 10 swimming lessons to earn back the 2000 gold it cost me to learn to swim in the first place. I just need to make sure I check in at least three times, or else I'll hit my max AP of 100 and start losing them...

Stevie-O 21:47, 27 Jan 2006 (GMT)


I worked my way from Windy City to the Southern Market today. Bought some handy stuff, including a Pocket Watch and a Night Stick. The latter is supposed to glow at night and do plenty of damage, but I tried mine even at midnight GMT and got zip. What a rip.

Later, after regaining some HP, I worked further eastward. Just before hitting Earth City, I finally get a creature that drops a Water Talisman. I break it and set out to Swim School to learn to swim. Unfortunately, I only had 983 gold, and (good lord) learning to swim is EXPENSIVE. So I headed back to grumpy old Jack's wizard shop and sold off a Summoning Stone for 1000 gold (I am all but POSITIVE that I had two stones, but I only sold one, and now I have none. Is this a common occurrence?) and my crappy Cloak of Invisibility for 500 gold.

Now I've but to wait at least 4 hours just for my AP to go positive again.


Today, I managed to get somewhere. I started the Creature Survey and found a total of three Rusty Swords, and broke all three before my APs were spent for the day. Man, I need an Earth Sword (or Earth Knife, or hell, anything that's both more than 1 damage and better than 30% to-hit, that doesn't break after three uses.) I really wish I had a Wizard's Hat, a huge AP boost at 7pm would be SO freaking handy. Of course, if I actually got one, I'm sure somebody would just steal it from me. Bah.

The Beginning

It's hard to remember everything, even though it was only a week ago, because my memory is pretty crappy. I will, however, try my best.

I found this world through a Link of the Day list on BBSpot, and was immediately intrigued. It reminded me of a cross between Earth, a turn-based Risk-like game that my brother used to be addicted to play (where your available turns slowly regenerated as real-world time passed), and World of Warcraft, the game that he currently is addicted to enjoys playing. In fact, it rather seems like a multiplayer NetHack -- in fact, I'm almost certain that NetHack (or possibly it's insane offspring, Slash'EM) was an influence upon this game's design, based on the existence of Vorpal Blade in the world.

I signed up, and started wandering around. I burned through my AP pretty quickly, mostly killing Sparrows (I semirandomly chose Earth as an alignment, so I do 2x damage against Air-aligned creatures). I must have gotten lucky, because I quickly collected quite a bit of gold and a number of handy items, including a Talisman of every alignment (two for Air!), Water Wings, and a Rusty Sword which broke the first time I actually managed to hit something with it.

Once I'd burned up all of my AP, I read through the Wiki as much as possible to learn what I could about the world. I noticed on the Quests page that the Air Initiation's preqequisite is extremely simple -- simply visit all four cities. I broke one of each Talisman, wandering around a bit, then headed to the Temple of Air and incrased my AP regen rate from 1 every 15 minutes to 1 every 10 minutes. While I was there, I picked up a Guide to Time and Space in anticipation of the Time and Space quest, although if I'll ever manage to achieve it I'll be shocked.

After this, I spent most of the time up until today swinging (and missing!) with a Broad Sword that something had dropped. Sure, its base damage is 4, but the piddling 30% to-hit means I burn a hell of a lot of AP trying to kill anything with it. Even a Rusty Sword is better (50% to-hit), at least until it breaks. Every time I ran out of AP, I would pore over the Wiki looking for ways to:

  • Increase my max AP
  • Increase my to-hit %
  • Increase my AP regen speed
    • Several other Air quests take a minute (each) off of your regen rate, but compared to the initiation quest, they are insanely expensive. Someone noted that one quest would require about 720AP to complete, which at 8 minutes per AP (the rate *after* completing the quest), would take 36 days to completely recover!
    • I have read that Coffee can give me an AP boost, and Red Bull can give me an even bigger AP boost (one person says 150AP, which is more than my max AP of 100!). I have also read that to throw in realism, you will acquire tolerance to caffiene by drinking these things, and that these tolerances can be rather unhealthy. Besides, if I only get 20AP from a cup of coffee, well, it costs me more AP than that just to earn enough gold to PAY for the coffee, so even if there WAS no tolerance issue, it's just not worth it.
  • Rapidly refill my wallet after buying that pricey Guide to Time and Space.

Some things also cost strange amounts of AP. It seems that AP is supposed to be a measure of how much energy you have (which is why coffee and red bull give a bonus), but I find it highly unlikely that swinging a big heavy sword (1AP) consumes twice the energy of drawing one line to tick off a creature on my list (2AP). Likewise, I find it strange that it takes over 6 hours of sleep (50AP at 8min/AP) just to have enough energy to meditate or, even better, hand someone a freaking piece of paper.

I can't help but think that I've missed some glaring detail that everybody else knows about, that they can actually get anything done.

AP cost is not just a measure of the physical effort involved. It also takes into account the time taken to do something, and the degree of skill involved in doing it. So the Creature Survey takes lots of AP for all the administration and red tape that you have to go through at the Temple. Meditation requires mental preparation, and a lot of time to have the appropriate effect. Darksatanic
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