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* Dragon's Blood Used: 48
* Dragon's Blood Used: 48
* Merchant Sales: 85 - Guild Level 4
* Merchant Sales: 85 - Guild Level 4
* Member:[[Knightly_Order_of_Tubthumping | KOT]], [[The_Order_of_the_Wyrm | The Order of the Wyrm]]
* Member:[[Knightly_Order_of_Tubthumping | KOT]], [[The_Order_of_the_Wyrm | The Order of the Wyrm]] (Fairly certain the order of the Wyrm is no more) 02:41, 7 February 2019 (UTC)
* Helpful Links: [[User:Syagrius/KOT|KOT Armour Donation Page]], [[Wiki_Sysops|Sysops]], [ Custom Weapon Calculator]
* Helpful Links: [[User:Syagrius/KOT|KOT Armour Donation Page]], [[Wiki_Sysops|Sysops]], [ Custom Weapon Calculator]

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Master Armourer Syagrius

By the Numbers

  • Career:
Image:Anvil.gif Armour Maker
This user is a Smith, Armourer, or a Master Armourer and is probably off making armour.
Armourer Level 3 / Level 1 Bridge-builder / Fully-Trained Mixologist
  • Guild: The Order of the Wyrm
  • Base to-hit chance: 131%
  • Damage Multiplier: 2
  • Starsign: Penguin (Fire-Breathing Penguin?)
  • Number of Times Died: 6 (bastards)
  • Dragons Killed: 205
  • Phoenix bashing: level 21
  • Hydra bashing: 21 Heads
  • Pirate Ships sunk: 5
  • Dragon's Blood Used: 48
  • Merchant Sales: 85 - Guild Level 4
  • Member: KOT, The Order of the Wyrm (Fairly certain the order of the Wyrm is no more) 02:41, 7 February 2019 (UTC)
  • Helpful Links: KOT Armour Donation Page, Sysops, Custom Weapon Calculator


Big Kats
Tigger (Black Kat)
Unique item #9716
Level - Elite!
Strangely (Familiar) - prefers cheap Bilbo Cocktails (36% fullness per Bilbo Cocktail)
Unique Item #40004
Level - Dangerous
Penezny Smij (Male Ice Dragon)
Unique Item #40600
Level - Deadly
2 White Elephant Eggs (unhatched)
1 Annoyance (unhatched)

  • Overall Condition: Trying to relearn the game, now that it's back.

Real Name: Gabriel

My inventory (as XML) :

Married the lovely Domentzia on July 30, 2006 - had quite the party in Cities!

I started playing Cities before I found this, but it oddly fits.

Sy's Stables


Penezny Smij
Sex Hatched Align Max
Dam Pet
Genome / Notes
Male 21-Nov-08 Ice 42 24 5 2
  • Dragon Blood
  • Sheep
  • Tribbles

offspring of Chrysophylax and Fanuilh

Notes and stupid maneuvers

I read too many comics. A favorite is

Quests underway


  • All Quests Complete


  • Ultimate Altar of Water (doesn't exist yet)


  • Ultimate Altar of Fire (doesn't exist yet)


  • All Quests Complete.


  • Underground Quests
SE Tunnel on hold until the altar is open again (if it ever opens again).

Northern Quests

  • All Quests Complete

Quests which will likely never be accomplished

due to lack of personal interest

  • Thief Quests
Martial Arts Training at the Dojo
Training from the Master Thief
  • The Cities Photo Challenge

Completed Quests


  • Initiated
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Hard Knocks Level 10
  • Roc Soc Pub Crawl
  • Ultimate Altar of Earth (Taxing Cellar) Items Used


  • Got Knighted
  • Initiated
  • Guards are my friends
  • Won a Duel
  • Baron
  • Earl
  • Duke
  • Gauntlet
  • Bomb Squad
Welcome to the Bomb Squad! You are taught how to make Black Powder. The ratio is 15 Saltpetre
to 3 Charcoal to 2 Sulphur. Also, you must use a ball mill to mix it without blowing yourself
up. Visit our gift shop on the way out!


  • Can Swim
  • Learned First Aid
  • Caught the Snark
  • Now have the Dragon Stone.
  • Now a Doctor
  • Water Skin


: Your offering is consumed by an unholy gout of flame.
: You lose a Water Talisman.
: You are feel the stones power making you healthier ( 5 max AP)
: You have now made an offering at the entire network of standing stones. The combined power 
: reduces your AP regen. time by one, and you can now move freely between the stones.
  • Time and Space Complete
  • Fortune Teller - Penguin
  • Totems
: Your make the connection!
: You lose a Daemonic Letter Opener.
: Ancient forces increase your strength. (+5 max AP)
: You have connected all 24 totems! You've earned 30 seconds apdelay. Go you!


  • Poison Hand
  • Horsey Genome Project (HoGo)
  • Ruthven's Laboratory
  • Herman the Hermit, Take 2 (Toxicology)
  • Paparazzi
  • Becoming a Master Armourer
  • Brian's Old Fruitcake.
  • Mixology
: There's nothing more I can teach you!
  • Paul
  • Asgard
:The God Heimdall appears before you, and says:
:'Well done, little human. You have vanquished the Fenris Wolf, but this is only one battle
: among many fought here.'
: 'You are welcome to join our battle company. When you die, you will come to Valhalla. If you
: wish to return here before your glorious death in battle, blow upon my Horn again.'
  • R'1yeh
  • NW (Chasm)
  • NE Tunnels (Sewer)
  • Royal Engineer
  • SW Tunnels
  • Smelly Pete
  • Harvey's Farm
  • Jock McStrapp
  • Ancient Castle, part one (creating the astrolabe)
  • Becoming an Armourer
  • Can Sing
  • North Pole
  • Thor's Cottage
  • Ghost Hunter's Guild - I didn't get to be Ray :(
:Dude! We never reckoned you'd do it! Well, I guess you can hang out in our farm now.
:You lose 100 Ghost Traps (full).
:You lose a Ghost Hunter Gear.
  • Giant's Dead
  • Merchant's Guild level 4 - all done!
  • Malaria - got it (on accident - thought I had clicked on my short bow, not a short sword) and got cured right away, just one unit of fire blood used at the Earth City Clinic!
  • Completed Tarot Deck
  • Retrieved Red's Treasure Chest from 88E 25S.
  • Retrieved Pink Beard's Treasure from 3E 16N.
  • Retrieved Silver Beard's Treasure from 0E 43S.
  • Herman the Hermit
  • Sci-Fi Reading
:You chat to the old man about sci-fi books.
:You chat for ages. He is impressed about your knowledge of books, 
:and eventually gets onto other topics, such as how to make talismans!
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