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Current events


The song "Firefly" performed at Woodstock party the 18th of Sep
It danced in the sky with it’s burning wing
It made us bleed with it’s little sting
It roamed the hills and the wet damp mire
It helped us all get higher
Come on baby, light the fire
Why did the Firefly have to die?
Why did the Firefly have to die?
I’m asking the kingly King Oh why?
Why did the Firefly have to die?
You say this is inflammatory speech
You don’t wanna listen to what I preach
You say the Glow worm is a mighty foe
You say it’s scary as Edgar Allan Poe
Come on baby, dis that glow
Fiddle solo
I call for a quest to find an egg
I’m on my knees man, watch me beg
I say a race far into the distance
I cry man, will the fly back into existence
Come on baby, we need assistance

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